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In 2017, the (BGCSWMO) celebrates its 60th year of service to the Joplin and surrounding communities. Rooted in a rich history of service to children and families, the Club has demonstrated sustainability over its decades of operation and thousands of children have benefited from services.

From the very beginning, the Club has been working to provide the youth of all economic and racial backgrounds a safe place to learn and grow. Today, the Boys & Girls Club of Joplin Area touches the lives of nearly 1000 children annually.

Our programs and activities are purposeful, coordinated and designed to advance children’s academic success, character, and healthy lifestyles. Members form ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals while interacting and having fun with friends their own age. Most importantly, being part of the Boys & Girls Club provides children hope and opportunity. The Club also provides an evening meal throughout the school year, as well as breakfast, lunch, and a snack throughout the summer program – all at no additional cost!

We keep our programming affordable so that it may be accessible to all youth. Our after-school membership costs $25 per semester or $50 for the entire school year! Our summer program costs $270.00 for nine weeks packed full of recreation, fun and field trips (this includes all meals and any field trip expenses). It is our policy that no youth will be turned away for financial reasons. Payment plans and scholarships are available upon request.

Letter from the Executive Director August 2017

This Fall I want to talk about partnerships.  Partnerships are so important to our organization.  I was thinking the other day about our partnerships we have here at the Club.  I was curious if our partners truly understand how much they benefit us and the kids that we serve.  When a partner donates a service or their time to help us with a project, that is a direct boost to our budget— which is HUGE for a non-profit! We have volunteers who help us with special projects, companies that help us with printing, and others that help with programming.  It might seem like a small budget item to the company helping us but is HUGE for the Club.  Keep this in mind when you are thinking to yourself “how can I help the Boys & Girls Club?”  Your help doesn’t always have to be in the form of cash (although we love cash!), but sharing your time and talent with us is just as valuable.  We love our partners and would love to figure out a way to partner with you!  If you have something in mind please call me or one of our Directors anytime. 

-Rhonda Gorham




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